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We are a fabric only company ! and Jaipur is the land of our foundation. 

Amidst sea of factory stitched clothing that is all around us, the good old approach of custom design and fit was something that we felt has been getting buried for quite some years. We realized that stitched apparel, furnishings and accessories have taken over us all and they sure do bring quick-fix to our busy lives. But when our curiosity got in touch with fabric retailers in much deeper cultural corners of India, we found that people constantly explore their rather unexpressed bohemian taste of style in such corners, and stitched apparel can't fill this huge gap. In fact, there are so many of us who have such a zealous appetite for creativity when it comes to all things fabric.


People do want freedom to choose fabric, patterns and mix that with their imagination! Simple to complex, plain to designer, traditional to fusion and whatever you could ever think of.


And that’s how the idea of fabriclore surfaced. Why Fabriclore you would ask ?

Fabric + Lore

Dictionary meaning goes like...

Fabric – cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres

Lore – A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.


Fabriclore made perfect sense to our pursuit.

Our cloth merchant heritage gives us all the more reasons and knowhow to get you fabrics from those untouched cultural corners of India. For years, we have sold cloth and with Fabriclore.com we want to go a lot more steps further. With this humble beginning, we ultimately want to become one stop shop for infinite fabric variety in textures, patterns and colors that so many regions of India and subcontinent have to offer.

We are a small team of young folks and you can reach us on hello@fabriclore.com 

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