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Taking its roots from small town of Rajasthan, Hand-block printing takes its inspiration from our nature and is based on Indian Mythology.  These centuries old Hand-block prints have a rich history and are still the most admired and magnificent art that was created by artisans and craftsmen of fifth century era. The beauty of these prints lie in its uniqueness. Every print tends to tells its own different story.

Hand-block printed fabric is created by carving wooden blocks on the fabric. This print is designed with so much perfection and care that it’s creation can take around 7-10 days. And the factor which sets hand-block printed fabrics apart from others are the small imperfections which are innate in this print.

These hand-made printed fabrics are so lively and fascinating that you are definite to fall in love with them and are also a perfect get go for any of your casual and semi-formal wear like suits, dresses, kurtas, tops, scarves and skirts.

Design your daily need home products like beautiful bedsheets, pillow covers, hanker-chiefs, curtains, table covers etc. with our tremendous range of hand block printed fabrics. We also have an exclusive range in Indigo hand-block prints.

Explore through our range of hand-blocks here.

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