Rajasthani Lehriya Screen Printed Fabric
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(Pre-Cut 2.85 Mtr) Rajasthani Leheriya Screen Printed Fabric

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Leheriya  is a traditional style of tie dye practiced in Rajasthan, India that results in brightly colored cloth with distinctive patterns. The technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns.

Buy Rajasthani Leheriya Screen Printed Fabric. Printed on the finest quality of cotton. This print can be used for all type of clothing purposes.

Quantity  Quantity refers to per meter.
Fabric  100% Cotton
Width   42 Inch 
Quality  Cotton. Can be used for all clothing purposes.
Color  Slight difference in color from visible product image is possible.
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