The Shibori fabric, as we know today is a tie-and-die technique of fabric printing. But only some of us know how Shibori was actually discovered. It takes us back to the 8th century in the era of bandhani. Bandhani was a traditional fabric art of Gujarati's which was exported to Japan and Japan used its Modern tie-and-die techniques to bring out Shibori design.

Shibori is such a beautiful art that it could take a year in its making. There are infinite ways of binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or compressing cloth for Shibori that is limited to the imagination of the artist who designs Shibori. You can design Shibori on any fabric but some of the fabrics that are widely used are Silk and Cotton.

The designs of Shibori are mostly inspired from nature, like birds and flowers. Even the shades of the Shibori designs are so subtle that they look perfect for any season – Summer, spring, Winter or Autumn.  

If you are bored of usual shades of orange, red and pink, try some different and mysterious shades of Shibori designs. They are completely impeccable.

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