Printed Woolen

Woolen fabric, a natural and renewable fabric, was one of the earliest fabric to be used for clothing and is still used widely all over the world. It is an all-weather fabric that is highly reactive to our body temperature. It is such a great natural insulator that keeps us warm when we feel cold and at the same time is so breathable which keeps us cool by releasing heat and moisture when we feel hot.

Woolen fabric is so durable that it does not run out of shape easily and can be used for long. And unlike the past where woolen clothes were meant to be just hand-washed, many of the woolen fabric designs are today remarkably easy to handle as they can easily be machine-washed.

Woolen fabric, also famous for its versatility, is tremendously used for making clothes. Explore through fabriclore’s wide range of woolen fabric and Use it for sweaters, jackets, overcoats, pants, skirts, gloves, shirts, cardigans, ties, hats and caps, and some home utility products like blankets and bedsheets. In addition to this, woolen fabric can be used for embroidery and threadwork also.

In addition to using it for human clothing, our different designs of woolen fabrics can be used for making blankets and clothes for your pets also. Shop from our exquisite range of printed woolen fabric designs now

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