Printed Rayon

If silk fabric seems too vociferous to you, Or If you are bored of wearing regular printed cotton, silk or wool, then rayon printed fabric is for you.

Rayon fabric, popularly called artificial silk, is such a versatile fabric that it is a perfect less expensive replacement to silk, cotton, linen and wool. It is so easy to dye this fabric that you can use your creativity to add some radiant colors in it.

They are super soft that they make ideal night wears. And because of their lustrous touch, shimmery dresses and blouses looks splendid in this fabric.

You can also use printed rayon for making beautiful evening gowns as they are extremely flowy and drape easily.

Next time you stand confused thinking which fabric to choose for your outfit, think Rayon. A dress, shirt, top or an ethnic wear, go for printed rayon.

And One of the best place to shop for Rayon fabric is Fabriclore. On, you can find the best variety of rayon fabric from all over the country.

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