A contemporary fabric, crepe fabric, is one of the most extensively used fabric today. It is highly supple and is used by the most high-street designers all over the world.

A perfect replacement to silk, this crepe material gives a beautiful drape and fall. That is why it is the first choice of all the designers for evening gowns and flowy dresses. It is as rich as silk but far more sustainable than it. And this material needs no ironing as they don’t wrinkle at all.

Crepe is remarkably light-weight that it stands perfect for lining any garment like dresses, gowns, coats, kurtas etc. and they are so easy to sew that they make just the perfect pick for home furnishings. In fact, the interior decorators all over the world are using crepe fabric for all kinds of home décor.

Explore from Fabriclore’s immense range of crepe fabric which are bound to fascinate you as our designers are always working towards picking the best designs for its customers. Use our crepe fabric for making contemporary dresses, elegant evening gowns, jackets, shorts, kurtas, suits, pajamas, etc. and if you are looking for a fabric that does not require much care, then crepe fabric is for you.

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