Handloom prints, the centuries old tradition of weaving textiles is practiced all over the country in almost all the rural areas of India. If we take a look at these small parts of any town or any city, we will see it surrounded by thousands of skilled craftsmen and artisans who have been practicing weaving textile since generations.And this is so popular in those regions that there is a law to prevent handlooms from diminishing.This law is a government’s way of protecting way of protecting the heritage of our country in the form of handloom prints because all the craftsmen and artisan’s daily wages are totally dependent on the textile weaving.
But this is just one way to look at our handloom fabric industry. Taking a glance from another perspective, it is our love for handloom prints which never fades away. The feel of the handloom fabric, it’s warp and weft, it’s texture, the complexity of its design, the symmetry and eccentricity of hand-made and the colorful and wide range available in handlooms makes us fall in love with them over and over again. They are also known as “Exquisite poetry in colorful fabrics”. And No matter how many sarees we buy, Handloom print will still be our favorite.
The beauty of these fabrics is such that it is woven with so much skill, passion and hard-work that no machine can build something as beautiful as a hand-woven fabric where every yard tends to tells its own story.
Prior to the era of colonization, all the natural fabrics i.e. cotton, silk and jute were hand-woven only. And Khadi was one of the most widely used fabric at that time. But later on, with the advancement in technology of handlooms, new designs were created at a very fast pace by craftsmen and artisans. And nowadays almost all the fashion designers want to experiment with handlooms to create mesmerizing designs.
Fabriclore is one single platform for all your handloom fabric needs. Shop online from our handloom prints and play with your creativity to create some dazzling outfits Because handloom prints give us a chance to use our own creativity.

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