Indian Batik can be traced back to 2000 years when no other country even knew what is resist method of design printing. Batik itself means “Wax writing”. Initially, it was merely a handicraft but now colorful batik prints are used for home furnishings, wall paintings, beautiful handcrafted bags, linens and so much more.
Batik was initially practiced by aristocratic ladies mostly as an occupation. And now Batik designs are famous Worldwide. In fact, Indonesia celebrates 2nd October as its National Batik day. It is also considered as an auspicious symbol there and some particular Batik designs are reserved for only brides and bridegrooms.  
Batik printed designs are drawn on the fabric itself rather than being woven with thread, which gives artists freedom to use their creativity. And that is the reason why every product of batik is one of its own kind. All the designs are so beautifully and carefully handcrafted just like the needlework is done. And still the beauty of batik lies in its simplicity and creativity as the patterns can be drawn first by regular pencils also and later redrawn by hot wax.
Batik prints looks so lively because of its radiant and bright colors. Use them to create gorgeous sarees, Dupattas, ethnic suits, exquisite wall hangings, printed linen bedsheets and also contemporary products like elegant dresses, handcrafted printed bags and accessories like summery scarves.
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