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The Opulent Peach

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A very luscious yet sophisticated feel is what peach spells out and that is why it is just the perfect pick for a boho as well as evening look. The color peach which in itself appears extremely sweet is named after a delicious fruit peach. This beautiful shade echoes the color of the beautiful sunrise and It is one of those color that will fade away for one season and again come back in the next season but will never fade forever.

Going back to early 19th century, peach was considered a color of luxury in Europe. Nightclubs, hotels and homes of upper class had beautiful peach colored mirrors all over.

With the rise of pastel colors in recent years, Peach has been quintessential shade and looks as fab on men as much it looks on women. When blended with other pastel colors, it just dazzles. It is still amongst the top choice for day wedding brides in Punjabi community and for all the beautiful bridesmaids.

So if you are up for wrapping yourself in peach this season then this is the guide you are looking for.

Peach Color Ethnic Suits

Want something that would look beautiful for day as well as night social gathering? Go for a peach colored shirt kurta. The color peach enhances the look of the kurta which makes a go-to for any time party.

Even peach colored suits in a combination of white and gold shararas looks gorgeous. A peach colored kurta with little embroidery would perfectly blend with jacquard printed shararas.

Image courtesy: Peach Indo-western kurta; Suit with Palazzo


Peach jackets for Women

The color peach is so versatile that wear a peach blazer for a formal office meeting or create a trendy boho look out of peach blazer. It is an all occasion color.

Image Courtesy: Peach Boho Jacket; Peach Formal Blazer


Peach in Pin-tucks

Pin-tucks in peach is indeed a splendid look. Pin-tucks kurta and dresses look so glorious that you will fall in love with them with just one look.

Image Courtesy: Peach Pin-tucks dress; Pin-tucks Top


Peach color for cute kid’s wear

The feel peach color gives out is so candied that your kids would look amazingly cute in peach color dresses. It would go for almost any outfit you need for your Child-Night wears, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, socks.

The combination of peach with pastel greens and white looks extremely cute in checks. Design a dress or shirt out of these cute checks for your children.

Image Courtesy: Peach dress; Peach Check Dress


Peach Pin-tucks for Home Décor

Deck up your home with the beautiful hues of peach pin-tucks. Check out how elegant these pin-tucks bedsheets and curtains look.


Image Courtesy: Peach Colored pin-tuck Curtains; Peach Pin-tuck Bedsheet


Floral Peaches

Floral spreads the feeling of freshness and blending florals with peach makes anything look so lively. The combination of peach and white is the perfect floral look for any casual dress


Image courtesy: Floral Dress; Floral Off-Shoulder Dress


Peach for Men

Gone are the days when men used to wear just white and blues. Even men are willing to try different looks. Designers for men clothing are also experimenting with different shades of peach for shirts, t-shirts and blazers.

Image Courtesy: Peach Men Shirt; Peach colored jacket for men


The color peach has taken a special place in the color palette of pastels. This season, Create your own peachy look with the beautiful range of fabrics. Find marvelous peach pin-tucks, florals and cotton at fabriclore.com


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